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The process to register as a member of NCKC involves a few steps.

  1. Start by filling out our online registration form which will capture some basic information and generate an email that will start the process. You can do this by clicking on the “Register here” button below then fill out and submit the form that will appear.
  2. Someone will contact you to confirm some details and provide instructions on how to effect payment. The preferred method will be via bank transfer however other mode of payment can be arranged.
  3. At some point  later in the winter/early spring and before we can issue your racing license ahead of your first race, you will likely need to fill out some additional forms (required by our sanctioning body). At the moment, we are not sure what these will be as there are changes underway with our sanctioning body. We will update this page and contact members once this becomes clear.

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  1. All required forms and payment will have to be provided for the membership to be complete and before we can issue your club/regional racing license.

Description of Our Benefits Package

For racing members, two categories of memberships are available: “Basic” and “Basic + Benefits”.

The “Basic” membership will make you a member of NCKC (hence give you a right to vote on club decisions made during our bi-annual member meetings) and we will issue your club/regional racing license (required to participate in kart race events).

With the second category “Basic + Benefits”, you will also get the following items/services through our racing season which we believe provides significant value (>$300) for the additional up front investment of $150:

  • Spec gas on each race day in our calendar (~$12 value per race event);
  • Use of a club transponder (required for race timing system) at no charge ($20 value per race event);
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks for a driver and his/her mechanic on race Sundays (~$12 value per race event);
  • A club promotional item (~$15 value, e.g. branded t-shirt or drinking bottle);
  • Use of other club equipment (e.g. kart weigh scales) at no cost;
  • Access to the wealth of knowledge and assistance that newer members can expect from established members at and off the track (priceless)

Family discount

For both “Basic” and “Basic + Benefits” memberships, we also offer a family discount. The first family member pays the fees of a single racer and additional family members can join for a reduced fee. For instance:

  • Basic membership for one racer is $125. Additional family members (living under the same roof) can join the club for $50 each.
  • Basic + Benefits membership for one racer is $275.  Additional family members (living under the same roof) can join the club with benefits for $100 each.