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Please provide an email address that we can use to communicate with you. / Veuillez nous donner une adresse courriel qu'on pourra utiliser pour communiquer avec vous.
A phone number that will enable us to easily reach you by phone if/when required (cell perhaps). / Un numéro de téléphone qui nous permettra de vous joindre facilement au besoin (cellulaire?).
See notes below this form for some further details on these options. / Veuillez vous référer aux notes sous cette forme pour plus d'information sur ces options.


  1. Gets you a club membership and a racing license.
  2. In addition to membership and race license (1), enjoy our benefits package through the season which includes among other things: spec gas, free use of club transponder and race day lunch for pilot and one mechanic (so an additional $175 over the basic membership but for a total value of over $300 over the course of the season).
  3. For racing families of multiple drivers living under same roof, cost of membership with benefits is $125 per additional family member. Please indicate name and year of birth of additional family members in the Additional info field at the bottom of form.
  4. Associate member is meant for those who want a club membership (provides a right to vote at club meetings) however do not race (no license required).
  5. Benefits package includes Sunday lunch for one driver and his/her mechanic at each race Sunday in club schedule. If more people will accompany the driver at these events, this option is to help the club cover cost of additional food for these additional people at each Sunday lunch.