NCKC Race 2 Weekend

It was clear that the racers who came out this weekend were there to win!

In the junior class, our rookies on practice day were shaving seconds off their fastest laps, and the more experienced drivers knew the had to bring their A game for race day.  Race day brought some very exciting racing, Alex Gutknecht, Emily Conty, Amy and Ryan Armstrong and Dagan Hartman found themselves all running within hundredths and tenths of a second of each other.  The rookies Conner and Gavin Cose- Manuel, Jaimie Woodward and finally Dylan Villeneuve were not far behind with their fastest laps only a second behind the front runners. The final race started with Emily Conty on pole, followed by Ryan Armstrong, Alex Gutknecht, Amy Armstrong, Dagan Hartman, Connor Cose-Manuel, Jaimie Woodward, Gavin Cose- Manuel then Dylan Villeneuve. The start was tight and the driving was aggressive.  Emily Conty, Ryan Armstrong and Alex Gutknecht battled for first.  Mid race Ryan Armstrong lost his muffler, forcing him back into the pits.  Emily Conty and Alex Gutknecht continued the battle for first and each took their turn running in first.  It looked as though Emily Conty may take the race as Alex Gutknechts attempts to pass her went unsuccessful.  But in the last chicane of the race, Erik Gutknecht managed to slip past Emily Conty and grab first place.  The race finished with Alex Gutknect in first, Emily Conty, second, Dagan Hartman in third, flowed by Amy Armstrong, Conner Cose-Manuel, Gavin Cose Manuel, Jaimie Woodward Emmerson Harris, Dylan Villeneuve, and Ryan Armstrong taking last due to a DNF as a result of his lost muffler.

The Senior/ Master final was just as exciting to watch with Anthony Conty and Lee Williscroft both battling for fastest times. With only thousandths of a second separating their fastest laps, it was Lee Williscroft who found himself starting in pole position.  Followed by Anthony Cony in second, Frank Jones in third, Rob Microys in fourth and Scott Armstong fifth. Ron Henri started off the Masters Class followed by Jacques Larose, Sylvain Coulombe, Wayne Ross, and Greg Jewelll in the top five.  Anthony Conty and Lee Williscroft quickly separated themselves from the pack and battled back and forth for first place.  Frank Jones and Scott Armstrong found themselves battling with the Masters Greg Jewell, Ron Henri, Sylvain Coulombe and Jacques Larose and positions changed several times.  Chamberlin, racing masters was the first forced off the track for unknown reasons, followed mid race by Armstrong, due to a broken muffler.  Jacques Larose in the last lap was also forced to end his race early, also with a broken muffler.  It was a tight race between Williscroft and A. Conty, but in the end it was Anthony Conty who finished in first.  Unfortunately he did not manage to complete the winners lap due to an injury early on in the race from a broken seat strut.  The Seniors final ended in the following order; A. Conty, L. Williscroft,  F. Jones, R. Microys, and finally S. Armstrong.  It was a close finish in the Master class,with G. Jewell taking first, R. Henri second, S. Coulombe third, W. Ross fourth, M. Harris fifth, K. Conty sixth, T. Solomine seventh, J. Larose eighth, and rounding off the class Chamberlain.

Thank You to everyone who helped out, we could not make races like this happen if it weren’t for the volunteers who help us out every weekend.

Next race is in three weeks at Karters Corners.  See you all there!